“Straight Truth” Music Band

How To Start A Dream

Straight Truth is a band comprised of musicians and vocalist of various ages playing a fusion of jazz, R&B, hip hop, rock, and blues. A soulful sultry lead singer and spoken word artist with slick word licks, helps create a sound like you have never heard before.  Straight Truth defines their music as crossing over many different genres. 

Straight Truth is a band built of a dream. In the beginning of 2011, lead vocalist and poet, Kenny Walker Jr, invited percussionist Omar Richardson to join him on a quest to create a band. Throughout the next month or so after their first meeting, Kenny and Omar started inviting other musician friends to join in on Kenny’s project. With the addition of drummer, Forrest Carroll, bassist, Rick Moore and guitarist, Robert Frazier, Straight Truth was born. With some musicians and singers coming and going, Rick’s older brother, Dan Moore, was added to provide rhythm guitar and saxophonist Rosso Roberson soon joined to round out the group.


The members of Straight Truth like to send positive messages in their pieces and therefore do not use any profanity or derogatory racial slurs in their work. Straight Truth’s work focuses on love, social issues, political issues and everyday life issues. Straight Truth plays their original work as well as cover tunes that bring back old R&B and funk memories done with their own spin while paying tribute to the artist they cover. You can check out the Straight Truth sound on the Gallery page of this site.

Overall, the members of Straight Truth love to perform and have fun with their audiences as well as each other. So when you see a Straight Truth show be prepared to enjoy the sounds, relax and be treated like family.

For bookings and additional Info, Please Visit: http://www.straighttruthmusic.net