“Scarlett Santana” – Featured Artist

Scarlett Santana

Her life may not be a fairy tale, but the narrative of Scarlett Santana’s life is poised to be a true Cinderella story. Blessed with natural talent and unstoppable drive, Scarlett Santana is a triple threat—a singer, songwriter and rapper set to take the music world by storm with an eclectic sound that draws from her Puerto Rican roots and diverse musical taste developed in her youth through her mother and the music educators who touched her life.

Born and raised in Newark, New Jersey by a single mother of modest means, Scarlett Santana was first exposed to music in kindergarten. Music teacher Mrs. Weiler saw something special in Scarlett Santana, pulling her aside and paying special attention to her as she found her voice on the stage. That early praise and encouragement helped to develop her singing, as well as plant the seeds for what has grown to be a dynamic and compelling stage presence. With support from such powerful female role models, Scarlett Santana was determined to succeed at all costs.

By age 12, Scarlett Santana was writing her own songs and resolute in her desire to touch the world with her music. Armed with a literal trunk of self-penned tracks, she’d pound the pavement looking for studio time and securing gigs at New York and New Jersey’s hottest club venues, including Club New York, Avalon, China Club, Orchard Beach and Tribecca, where Scarlett Santana opened for an artist who would become instrumental in her career—legendary freestyle singer George Lamond. He took Scarlett Santana under his wing, taking her to studios and giving her advice about the industry. A talented singer and rapper, Scarlett Santana appeared on one of George Lamond’s albums and wrote songs like “Hey Boy,” a top 50 hit on the Billboard Dance Chart for pop singer Radka.

Ever determined, Scarlett Santana continued to build her arsenal of music and spoken word poetry, anticipating the opportunity to share her words and experiences with audiences on a grander scale. As fate would have it George Lamond introduced Scarlett Santana to her “guardian angel” Robert Clivilles, an accomplished producer and a pioneer of dance music as a member of the famed C&C Music Factory. Coming from similar backgrounds, and sharing a varied taste in music, Scarlett Santana bonded with Robert Clivilles quickly and he soon became not only one of her closest friends but also one of her strongest allies in her fight to the top of the music business. “Working with Robert has changed my life,” Scarlett Santana said about the Grammy-winning producer, who has also worked with major artists like Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson. “His creativity knows no bounds and he has really helped take my music to the next level. He is my motivator and my teacher, and it is a blessing to work with him.”

Their first collaboration resulted in what is Scarlett Santana’s first single, “Rain.” Produced and arranged by Robert Clivilles and Eric Kupper, “Rain” is an inspirational song about the strong interpersonal relationships that hold you up through even the most trying times. Positivity is a common theme in Scarlett Santana’s music as she hopes to inspire fans to believe that with perseverance, no goal is unattainable.
“My music speaks a lot about my struggles. I’ve had to fight for my life to make it where I am, and there’s still so much more to go,” said Scarlett Santana.

“My songs are about being fearless and going for what’s yours. I want to show people that no matter what you go through in life, you can make it a Cinderella story.”


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