Britney Spears Lawsuit Dismissed

Sam Lutfi, the pop star’s onetime manager, accused the Spears family of libel, assault and breach of contract.

Just one day after making her live debut on “X Factor,” newbie judge Britney Spears scored a victory on the personal front when a judge dismissed a lawsuit from her former manager that accused Spears’ mother of libel and failing to pay him.

According to The Associated Press, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Suzanne Bruguera ruled Thursday (November 1) that an attorney for the case brought about by Sam Lutfi, Spears’ former manager and confidante, hadn’t proven any of his claims in a case that centered on events before the singer’s public meltdown more than four years ago.

Lutfi sued Spears and her parents for breach of contract; Lynne Spears for libel and defamation related to her memoir, “Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World”; and Spears’ father Jamie for allegedly hitting him. Lutfi also claimed he was due a 15 percent share of the singer’s earnings. The ruling comes two days after Lutfi’s attorneys rested their case and just one day after Spears’ legal team requested that the judge drop the battery and breach-of-contract claims.

Lutfi’s relationship with the Spears family has been a contentious one, particularly since 2008 when Lynne and Jamie obtained a restraining order against Lutfi when Brit was placed under a conservatorship following her highly publicized meltdown and head-shaving.

The “Hold It Against Me” singer was not asked to testify or appear at the court proceedings in Los Angeles.

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